Our Story

About Us

"Still Got Love For the Streets"

Butchies is a fun, bustling Fried Buttermilk Chicken shop. Proudly born on the streets of East London in 2013. We strive to recreate the energy and community of the street food and music festival scene in all our locations.

Our aim is to bring amazing moments and feelings to our customers' day. We do this by serving the best damn Fried Buttermilk Chicken in the world. Our better fried chicken is handmade, fresh in store daily.

In our roost, we Spread Love. It is the founding principle of Butchies. We love our crew, we love fried chicken, we love our recipes, we love the higher quality ingredients we use, we love our communities and we love being a fun part of our customers lives.

Our Chicken

Our higher welfare Red Tractor accredited birds are sustainably sourced from a single farm based in South Yorkshire. 

The juiciest, crunchiest, most flavoursome fried buttermilk chicken every time. We don’t mess about.

All of our chicken is sourced from a halal certified supplier and certificates are available at each site.

We sell alcohol, but we do not use it anywhere in the cooking process. We also sell bacon in some of our sandwiches. The bacon is cooked separately from other food items.

Garrett is always tweaking and tuning the recipe to keep it innovative, super fresh, juicy and tasty